Surviving Florida’s Rainy Season

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As we mentioned last week, we all know that hurricane preparedness is crucial for your business, but there are also home maintenance tasks and preventive measures for keeping you and your home protected during the Tampa area’s season of relentless rain.

Diligently Monitor for Leaks & Issues
One of the most important but simplest things you can do is keeping an eye out for leaks. Check your property, attic, and roof frequently for any leaks or busted pipes. Many homeowners fail to realize that their homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover a leak that has lasted for more than 14 days. Most policies are intended for sudden and accidental loss, which means it is your responsibility to immediately recognize and address insurance matters in a timely manner.

Experts recommend conducting frequent attic and ceiling checks after rainstorms as well as having seasonal roof inspections to ensure general roof maintenance.  The goal is to prevent any effects from water damage, including dangerous mold and destructive pests.

In addition to alerting you to any necessary repairs, proper inspections will ensure you don’t go beyond your roof’s useful life in terms of age and replacement. As full-service real estate consultants, we are always happy to put our customers in touch with licensed roofing experts and home inspectors to help you keep your Florida home protected.  

Eliminate Moisture & Cleanup Debris
It’s important to clean rain gutters and downspouts regularly throughout Florida’s summer months.  In addition to preventing mold growth and water damage, gutter cleaning is important for general safety, as overfilled gutters with leaves and debris can collapse or fall, thus, creating a safety hazard.

Draining water from gutters is also important for mosquito control.  In Florida, which has been a breeding ground for mosquito-borne viruses, it is important to eliminate any standing water on your property. Drain water from pool covers, garbage cans, flowerpots, birdbaths, boat covers, and other things on your property that could collect rainwater this time of year.

In addition to mosquitos, there are even scarier insects attracted to water and moisture around your home. Subterranean termites are especially attracted to moisture and standing water around your home’s foundation.  Different types of termites and other bugs often invade Florida homes in search of food, water, and shelter.  Some insects can destroy your structure, which is why eliminating moisture is an important first-step in any pest control strategy.

Running the ventilation fan in bathrooms or kitchens can also help filter out some humidity in your home during Florida’s rainy season. If the extreme humidity affects you personally or you’ve battled a leak inside your home, you may also decide to invest in a dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers are excellent for lowering moisture levels in the air of certain rooms and small areas of your home.

These basic tips can make a big difference in maintaining a safe home during Tampa’s rainy season.

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